My sister, Peggy Klinke, was murdered by her stalker.

I am sharing her story to educate, protect and prevent future tragedy related to this deadly crime. 

--Debbie Riddle, National Speaker, Activist, Stalking Awareness



Peggy's Story

After three years of emotional abuse, 28 year old Peggy Klinke, ends her relationship with her boyfriend, Patrick Kennedy. He stalked Peggy for over a year until, one week before he was set to  go to trial on stalking charges, he murdered her, then took his own life. 

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There is only one way to eliminate the fear and violence of stalking. With words. From Congressional briefings to historic national conferences, criminal justice systems, college and high school campuses, I continue to honor my sister’s memory by speaking out about this tragic crime.

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Inspiring Change

From helping to establish January as National Stalking Awareness Month to working closely with influencial leaders like Joe Biden and Erin Brockovich, I am dedicated to making an impact regarding stalking awareness in our country and I plan to continue making great strides toward positive change. 

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